Returns & Exchange Policy

Returns & Exchange Policy

1. Color and Description Disclaimer

There could be minor variations in color as that of the actual product, due to the nature of the fabric dyes. Different resolutions, video card, monitors, operating systems and Internet browser as well, could also cause such variations. Colors of the garments could reflect different shades under different lights. 10% variations in the color will be considered as normal. Before ordering the product, please keep in mind, those embroidered and sequins item includes the fact that these shiny embellishments can be come off. We are at your service and it is our endeavor to provide you best Sarees, Salwar Kameez, Lehengas and Ethnic Men's wear which are in fashion. It is a privilege for having you as our customer!

2. Damaged and Defective goods received :

  • A complaint will be accepted within 48 hours of receiving the goods.
  • Complaint has to be made over email as "Complaint" for {Order number} along with the {Product code}
  • A picture will be needed of the damaged part has for assurance through email.
  • Our team will review it within 1 business day and provides you with these solutions
    • a) Replace defective good immediately for free
    • b) Provides a credit note.
    • c) Refund full amount immediately

3. Product being not liked due to color variation

Variation in color for about 10% is an acceptable norm. Color variation could occurs due to monitor configurations as well as light effects used while doing the photography. Sometimes slight variation in work can also occur. So,

  • A complaint has to be filed within 48 hours when the goods is being received.
  • If the variation is more than expected return is acceptable.
  • Complain has to be made on email as "Complaint" for {Order number} along with the {Product code}.
  • A picture of the product has to be attached in an email for assurance.
  • AOur team reviews it within 1 business day and provides you with solutions as
    • a)Replace defective good immediately for free
    • b) provides credit note or
    • c) Refund full amount immediately.

We can also request you to return the product in original packaging and once received, our team will review the complaint filed by you and if it is genuine we will refund the full amount. The extra shipping cost is refunded by means of credit note which can be used on any future purchase.

4. Product being not liked

A complaint has to be made within 48 hours while receiving the goods.

Condition 1 : If you have made customization on apparels, such as, Saree, Lehenga, Suit, Tunic or any men's wear, it cannot be considered as not liking the product. NO RETURNS will be acceptable in such case.
Condition 2 : If there is no customization, we accept return at your cost. Return will to be accepted on cost i.e. shipping charges will be borne by you. Once we received the product, you will be refunded full money or you can ask for credit note which can be used on any purchase in future.

5. Product customized but fitting not perfect

A complaint has to be made within 48 hours while receiving the goods.

Condition 1 : Wrong measurement from your end
  • In this case you can send the goods back on your cost and we will try to re-fit the product to correct measurement. This is done for Free. A reshipping charge will be applicable in such case ranging from 10USD to 30USD for international orders and 200-300rs for India orders.
Condition 2 : Stitching not as per your requirement:
  • In this case you can send the goods back. When we receive them, we will analyze/cross check. If we find it stitched not as per the measurements, we will re-fit the product or send you a new products for Free.
  • The shipping cost could be refunded back on your credit card or you can take a credit note which can be used for purchase in future.


A prepaid shipping label will be given to those who want to return the good for some other reason. This kind of services will be made available for countries in USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and some European union countries. Our support team will notify you, once we received that product.

Most of the returns are made due to size issues, but our stringent quality never leaves space for size issue. If we provide you some other sized product, rather than what you have ordered, we will offer you the prepaid shipping label happily to return the product.

The product will be returned back to you within 3 working days from delivery date.

If customers want to cancel the order, consider cancelling it within 24 hours of placing the order.

If the error occur from our end, we will refund you money instantly.

If you return the product, and while analysing/cross checking it, if it found to be good, then:

  • a) We will not refund the money back
  • b) You will have to pay additional 15USD as return shipment Pre-paid Label Cost
  • c) We will try to alter the product to fit your size at free of cost but to re-ship after alteration you will have to pay 10USD more as new shipping cost.

RETURN or EXCHANGE procedure

  • Every Refunds will be governed by the Return & Exchange policy.
  • Refund amount is actually mutually agreed settlement for issues which occur in any order.
  • Refund Amount will not exceed the value of the product of which refund is being discussed.