Kurta Pajama(ALL)

Kurta Pajama(ALL)

Buy Kurta Pajama Online

Parivar Ceremony offers you wide range of kurta pajama for mens. It is the most stylish and appealing outfit. You can buy Punjabi kurta pajama and pair the look with add-ons that can easily blend with your ethnic wear. So it's time to buy kurta pajama online.

Buy Kurta Pajama Online for Dapper Look

In recent years, designers have explored a lot of designs and trends in contemporary clothing and outfits. Despite all the latest styles and fashion statements that are introduced from time to time, undoubtedly traditional Indian wedding dresses maintain their charm. It not only provides you with sophisticated and classic look but also ensures comfort, especially when it comes to men’s kurta pajama. Well, there was a time when not much heed was paid to men’s clothing and designers were more concerned about women’s apparel. However, with time and evolution in fashion industry, the spirit to keep the pace with changing trends attracted the masculine gender too. Out of all the distinct attires, Indian kurta pajama for men remains the most popular and famous outfit not only in our country but in the global market too. Hence, we can witness a huge increase in the number of consumers who prefer to buy designer kurta pajama online.

When a man dons a crisp kurta, matching pajama or dhoti with slicked-back hair and kolhapuris, there is a certain appeal to the complete look which is sure to grab all the eyeballs. At Parivar Ceremony, you can find an array of designer kurta pajama for boys that will certainly bring refreshing change to your daily formal and monotonous appearance. Get your hands on our collection of Indian kurta pajama for men and we assure you that you won’t be able to stop girls drooling over your regal look. We have something interesting and exotic to meet the demand of every age group, body type and occasion. Be it a formal event, office function, or a nuptial ceremony, buy kurta pajama online from us and get a look that you have always dreamed of.

Pick Your Favorite Style of Kurta Pyjama

Over the years, Indian kurta pajama for boys has gone through several transformation with a plethora of styles and trends introduced by couturier every now and then. In fact, every state and region has its own unique design and pattern of kurta pajama and each of them is equally appealing. When men buy kurta pajama online from our online platform, they always want to experiment with their look and the way they flaunt their outfit. And there is nothing wrong with it all, after all fashion cannot be set in stone and every one must push their boundaries and step out of their comfort zone. Even if you are looking for kurta pajama for wedding, we would suggest you try something different yet classy that can make you stand out from the crowd. With us, you will get the mesmerizing collection of designer kurta pajama for men available in distinct colors, fabrics, and patterns to match your demeanour. Take a look at some of the Indian kurta pajama style that you can select from according to your preference:

Hyderabadi - This type of kurta pajama for boys has got its name from the royal state of Hyderabad. It a classic ethnic wear with a keyhole neck opening. The typical color of Hyderabadi kurtas was white but now you can select from various colors that are available with us. You can even buy designer kurta pajama with net material, also called jaali karga which are quite popular amongst men as well as women.

Pathani kurta - Mostly worn by North Indians, Pakistanis and Afghanistanis, these kurtas have a stiff collar with body-fitting cut. Although most men prefer black kurta pajama while buying Pathani kurta, you can play with other shades like blue, gray, mustard and turquoise.

Dogri kurta - If you are planning to buy kurta pajama online any time soon and ready to try something different from the league, then we would recommend you to pick Dogri kurta. These are open at the front with flares at the hips. Select from the wide range of embroidered designs and pair it with churidar or patiala. Or you can opt for a funky look by wearing chinos with it.

Punjabi kurta - As the name suggests, Punjabi kurta pajama is a traditional wear of Punjab with a straight cut kurta that reaches to the knees. It can be further subdivided into three types, Phulkari kurta that have phulkari embroidery, Muktsari kurta which belongs to the province of Muktsar, and Bandhani with the design of the same name. This one is quite popular amongst the clients who buy kurta pajama online from our store.

Kalidar kurta - Are you looking for an ideal kurta pajama for wedding? If yes, then kalidar kurta is the perfect pick for you which resembles frock with geometrical thread patterns and panels at the front. Buy designer kurta pajama online from us and get the chance to select from varied fabrics, such as silk, linen, khadi, etc.

Lucknowi kurta - This Indian kurta pajama for boys have world-famous Chikan embroidery and overlapping panel. It was once worn by Nawabs and are quite expensive, hence meant for exclusive occasions. You can buy lucknowi kurta pajama online if you have to attend a wedding or party of your close friend or relative.

Sherwani kurta - This one is for all the grooms-to-be who are searching for that perfect attire for their big day. Wear slim-fit sherwani with well-defined shoulders and flare from side to get a rich and classy look. Your wedding is the day when you must look second to none, so order your favorite sherwani style kurta pajama from us and rest assured that you will receive nothing but compliments from everyone.

Different Ways to Enhance Your Look

We understand that it may get boring and monotonous to wear kurta pajama in the same style. You can add your own touch with some experiments and pairing the look with add-ons that can easily blend with your ethnic wear. Trust us, with a bit of mix and match, you will make a statement that others will be eager to copy. Here are some tips for you:

Turban: Want to up your game a notch? Then get a funky turban to add a swag to your appearance. Prefer tissue pagdi as they are lightweight and can easily blend with your traditional attire.

Stole: Who says stole and shawls are only for women? Stitched-in dupattas that are heavily embroidered can give a dramatic look for any wedding. If you buy designer kurta pajama online with additional stole, then make sure you drape it right so that it doesn’t slip away every second.

Jacket: Jackets are in vogue and you can notice men layering their outfits with printed and single colored rugged jackets. So, why are you lagging behind? Spruce up your kurta pajama look with contrast shaded jacket and get a suave and elegant look. Visit our website now and check amazing collection of dhoti kurta and kurta pajama with jacket that are perfect for this wedding season.

Trench Coats: Stay stylish yet warm during early morning ceremonies with trench coats that are inspired from kurtas. As you buy designer kurta pajama online with trench coats, remember to stick with slim-fit jeans rather than pajama to get a taller appearance.

Monotone Look: Black kurta pajama has always been the favorite and evergreen choice for boys. Enhance this all-black (or white or grey) ensemble with cool jacket of the same color. Style your hair perfectly, spritz good perfume, and you are ready to turn all the heads in a party.

To all the boys, make ‘dress to impress’ your motto and adopt these styles for upcoming event. We assure you that you will have look which is envied by rest of the boys and worth all the attention from girls.