Types And Styles of Traditional Indian Clothing

We would like to provide you with a handy guide before you buy Indian kurties online. We hope you will find it useful for your shopping.

Traditional Indian clothing is widely used to this day in India. No matter if we talk about daily activities or special occasions, there are several types of clothing which are frequently worn both by men and by women. Although there are lots of styles of clothings which also depends on the region, there is one specific type of traditional cloth which is much versatile,  basically unisex as it can be worn both by men and women, which is casual enough to wear during the day but can also be made for more special occasions. It’s also often worn as a home wear too and this is the most regular item that you can see on men throughout India. This type of cloth is called a kurta. Due to its similarity for Islamic wear according to many Kurta was originally worn by the Islamic families in India.

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Kurta is a quite cosy upper garment which is a closed collarless shirt closing up above the collarbone. It’s widely worn in the Indian subcontinent but it’s also the daily wear of the people in the surrounding countries and regions which includes Pakistan, Bengal and Afghanistan too. As the upper wear is quite long it’s the regular wear of religious Hindu and Muslim men in the region. There are several sorts of kurties ranging from the daily wear made out of regular cotton and mixed fabrics to the elegant looking silk and embroidered kurties which can be worn for special occasions.

Kurties can be categorized according to region and their level of elegance. Let’s first see the regional differences before you head on to buy Indian kurties online.


Let’s see the various types of kurta available:

  1. Kali kurta : also called as a kalidar kurta is a shirt that is panelled from the waist down. On the upper body it consists of two rectangular panels. Being a cosy wear it has types to wear both for men and for women.
  2. Bhopali kurta :  a longer type of kurta it’s wider from the waist down having extra pleats added for a good flow. It’s a specifically good wear for the warmer regions or during the hot summer period. This kurta is longer than knee lenght.
  3. Hyderabadi kurta : being named after one prominent region in India this style of kurta is shorter than the average and comes with a keyhole style neck-opening. Royal family members often used to wear the hyderabadi style kurta. Today is much frequently worn for special occasions.
  4. Lucknowi kurta : this style comes with a panel that overlaps the other providing a cosy wear, however these days the stright cut style kurta can be often called Lucknowi kurta too.
  5. Dogri kurta : this style is opening at the front and flares out at the hips
  6. Overlapping : the wholly overlapping kurta is widely worn by women.
  7. Straight cut Punjabi kurta : the most popular style kurta all over India it’s easy, effortless and always ready to wear.


Kurtas are also often differentiated according to the style of embroidery which can be of dozens of different styles. Check out and buy Indian kurties online in one of the respectable stores on the internet.


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