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India is a country rich in cultures, traditions and when it comes to clothing, rich in designs too. Dressing styles varies from one part of the country to the other. Where it is dark heavier clothing in the cold mountainous regions of the Jammu Kashmir, it is light weighted white shirt and Mund (the southern version of dhoti) in south India.  Lehengas have been the most common type in choice for traditional-Indian-weddings. The bright red or orange colour with silk embroidery catches attention soon on sets. You need no more introduction as you attire will speak for you.

The basic components in lehengas have been kept the same, a top blouse piece cloth which may be plain, printed or even decorated with embroidery. The top is coupled with a frock styled clothing right from the waist to the ankles. Here too a lot of design options are available, from simple plain fork made of glazing silver or golden silk to embroidery works towards the ankle area or printing done on the entire clothing. Buy designer wedding lehangas based on your complexion and body shape so that the attire will just add to your natural beauty instead of over exaggerated style coupled with makeup. When you browse through online stores you will get an idea of the available types of lehengas. A few prominent of them have been listed below.


Buy wedding bridal lehanga online in the double-dupatta style. It includes traditional Maharastrian style of wearing dupatta coupled with the main duppata pinned on the front head. The double-dupatta style exposes less of skin and comes with a heavily embroidered bottom over a pink cloth base just apt to have onlookers glued to you. Both the cholis, the one on the front head portion and the other on shoulders, are made of light transparent fabric with subtle embroidery done in patches. It looks just fantabulous when coupled with silver jewellery.

Bridal red style

The upper blouse can be maintained in a traditional red or orange colour. Even white silk combination can work great. Hand length may be extended to full sleeves but it is better to have them extended over the elbow. The characteristic style of the bridal red is the vibrant colour. The bottom part is fully embroidered with golden silk patterns and an adorable work along the waist line. White or golden designed bangles and a similar plain necklace can add to the glory in this style of lehanga.

Traditional design on blue silk

Unlike the other styles of lehangas, blue combination can be used at times of costume change ceremony. The base blue has a glossy silky appearance with golden emboroidery done on the bottom piece. This resembles more of a kanchipuram style in sarees, but when brought on lehangas they simply pose a different fantabulous treat. Surely in this attire not only will you look great but will definitely be admired by the onlookers. The choli here is netted transparent material with small embroidery work throughout the net and borders decorated in a unique style. This type of fabric is best if maintained by dry-cleaning rather than a hand wash.

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