Look trendy and traditional with salwar kameez

Salwar kameez is considered to be an enormous trendy Indian dress which is generally a three piece set. It consists of long shirt termed kameez, loose trouser termed salwar along with a dupatta.

Salwar kameez was originated in Punjab and now it is available in different parts of India. It is found in various patterns, designs and colors. Salwar kameez usually fits for each and every occasion. Women like to wear it better than a sari. Salwar kameez has become a formal wear with its comfort and adaptability and has modified its conventional look to a more fashionable, elegant and amiable one.

You can find varieties in salwar kameez varying in colors and patterns. Different designs of salwar kameez are available in the market nowadays namely, Patiyala, Bandhej, Afghani, Chudidaar and Anarkali.

The Patiyala kind of salwar kameez is a blend of salwar with lot of pleats and a short kameez. Bandhej style is quite similar with normal salwar kameez and the difference is the cloth print only. The Afghani variety has a relatively straight cut for its kameez and its salwar is characterized by a distinctive design that is loose in the region of the thighs. The Chudidaar style has a wrinkled pattern on the salwar which is incredibly fashionable among the young girls nowadays. Anarkali is typified by a kameez having a choli with heavy embroidery on it while its lower part has a stunning border which gives a royal appearance.

If you want to purchase designer salwar kameez then nothing can be better than opting for online mode where you can choose from various cuts, styles, designs and colors. The main benefit of purchasing the salwar kameez online is that the online stores ship the item to your doorstep.

Indian clothing is renowned across the world due to its beauty and comfort. The designer salwar kameez has always been considered as a trendy women’s wear across the world. Now it has become an enormous style statement for the regular women and the Bollywood celebrities.

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