Exploring various styles to wear Saree!

The strip of cloth, which is known as a Saree would basically means that this is how it need to be treated. However, Saree is the elegant as well as most versatile piece of the outfit which you may never get bored. There are several different ways through which you can wear and so various different styles that you should adorn. I always have been ardent fan of the Sarees just for simple reason, the attire, Sarees never move out from the trend! They usually come in all colors and materials and even the sizes, yes you need to forgot about nav-vaari? When you Buy Designer Sarees, you can get the banarasi silk, chiffon, Georgette, printed, embellished, cotton, Net, tissue, brocade and what not kinds of sarees which are available in market.


Have you ever astonished what kinds of drapes as well Styles you may even try with the simple saree having the nice border? Well, now have also listed some easy drapes which you may also style up with yourself? Here is the list of different type’s drapes that you may try.

Simple Drape Saree

This is a common style of saree which one tries to usually wear. It is just simple draping where this saree is wrapped above underskirt from the right to the left with other end which is falling just at the feet length, saree is also well wrapped once so you also go for the short pleats that range from 5 to 7 according to the saree length, the lingering pallu is also pleated sensibly and it gets tucked over shoulder safely by securing the safety pin. However, pleats of Nivi Saree are usually facing at left side. So, when you Buy bollywood sarees online, you should also ensure that it is of full length saree.

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Front Pallu saree

This is basically the front pallu style of the saree drape which is mainly wore by the women. Here pleats face to right side, thereby leaving the longer pallu. So, hold pallu as well as pleat it neatly, take pallu from back on your right shoulder after this you can also tuck this with the pin like that pallu falls in the front. You need to also Hold one of last pleats as well as tuck it on left waist to give the complete style of gujarati look. The above mentioned pic is basically of my panetar saree which I had also worn in wedding for 5 years back.

lehenga saree

Lehenga Style Saree

The saree which is worn in the Lehenga style has been popular these days with many of the Celebrities choosing for the lehenga saree or even lehenga drape. Many of the custom-made lehenga saree have the lehanga which is well attached to the pallu which is pre-stitched in the saree.
For the saree which is lehenga style, you may use the elaborately embellished saree which also turn into the lehenga saree. Drape saree which is forming with small pleats like these are in lehenga or even the ghagras. Keep doing this till you get pallu.

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