Brief on the varieties of the most Elegant Ethnic Wear!!

The most elegant ethnic wear of Indian men, the kurtas, have been the essence of Indian men’s wear for a long time. In the past, it used to be a daily comfort wear garment for the men of India. But this ethnic wear garment has gone through a long journey and evolved into an attire worn on special occasions. In the modern day, it is the ideal choice of Indian men in ethnic wear for special occasions and weddings. The quality of kurta which has made it so popular among men is the dual aspect quality of both comfort and good looks.
With the numerous options available in fabric, designs and patterns, this is the most versatile apparel in a man’s ethnic collection of clothes. This illustriousness of kurtas gives you an opportunity to carry different looks with the same outfit whether it is a family gathering, wedding ceremonies or other important occasions.

In metro cities too, the Kurta is slowly becoming an everyday wear due to its versatility and strong hold to the Indian roots and values. And nowadays you can even do kurta pajama online shopping.

Let’s know in brief about the types of kurta pajamas for men you can try:

Traditional kurta pajama for mens

Traditional Kurta : The traditional Indian kurtas has central panels in the front and the back which bulge out at the bottom. Designed in a way that the sleeves do not fall straight to the wrist, the sleeves are fitted into the armholes with a gusset. These type of kurtas do not have any collars and have button closures in the front, with some designs featuring buttons at the shoulder seam.

Kalidar Kurta for mens



Kalidar Kurta: These kurtas are geometry-based attires having two shoulder-width and knee-length rectangular central panels in the front and the back. For ensuring a snug fit around the chest, 4 kalis are attached on either side of the central panels and deep slits at the side seam ensure comfort. These kurtas are generally round neck but sometimes may have a Chinese collar. The sleeves are also rectangular. Moreover, there is a side pocket and buttons in the front as closures.

Jhulki kurta for mens

Jhulki Kurta: This is a variation of the Rajasthani kurta, usually a shorter one. It is a white coloured half-sleeved garment that has 3 buttons in the front with a pocket stitched on the left side.

Fusion Kurta pajama for mens
Fusion Kurta: In the modern day, men are seen gradually adopting to a garment that is a cross between the traditional kurta and the classic men’s shirt. Being as long as a kurta, the features which make it different from a kurta are the shirt collar, cuffed sleeves and a kurta placket. This is gradually being adopted as a casual attire of the urban men.

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